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You Already Know Marketing Is Important To Your Painting Business...

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. Without marketing there can be no prospects, no appointments and no projects. In order to be truly successful in the residential painting business, you must reach out beyond just referrals. It takes new leads and new calls to create new customers & revenue in addition to replacing lost clients.

Unfortunately, many residential painters do not use advanced painter marketing concepts. The average residential painter looks at what others in the industry are doing, and copies them. That could work if the strategies copied were successful. But often times, those approaches are not even working! Its like 'the blind leading the blind', so to speak.

How Can You Get Ranked In Google
For Search Terms That Bring You Customers?

It's all about when a person near you types in Google looking for a "painter near me" or a "painting company in {your city}", your business pops up near the top of the results. Because very few people will look beyond the first couple of search results they see. This makes Ranking Techniques a critical part of marketing for painting contractors.


It's important to understand that simply having a website isn't enough to make the internet work for you. To people in our industry, someone who thinks having a website is enough is probably roughly equivalent to someone in your area of expertise who thinks that it's as simple as saying, "anyone can paint!"

Building your online profile does require a smart, properly optimised website of course - one which will persuade anyone who sees it that you are a trusted, reliable painter and which then makes it easy for them to hire you. But it also requires building backlinks and NAP citations, creating and releasing interesting content - such as blog posts - claiming your space on Google Maps, Google My Business, local trade directories and more. It's all necessary, and thats where we come in.

Our Benefits

We provide Google ranking services painting companies looking to maximize their online results. Our no-nonsense strategy relies on data, industry trends, and past experiences providing ranking painters to deliver highly-effective online marketing campaigns for painters. Campaigns that produce results!

Years of experience with professional painters like you provide a us with a proven path to success. How do we do it? By growing your online presence—increasing rankings, website traffic, leads—and sales. We tackle your campaign in a variety of ways, allowing your company to rank on the first page of search engines for relevant keywords in your local market. Our services for painting companies include:

Creating excellent, locally-focused content

Optimizing your Google MyBusiness listing

Optimizing your website

Building NAP citations across the web (Name, Address & Phone Number)

Fixing incorrect citations & More

Implementing an Agressive Lead Generation Strategy

Full-On Social Media Marketing Strategy

Our ranking experts stay current with online marketing industry news and updates, ensuring that we are always adjusting our strategies in an ever-changing industry.

We Specialize In Marketing Tools For Painters

Top painters know that referrals are not enough. Even when you have more projects than you can handle, things can change. Because when you stop marketing, you stop filing your pipeline, and eventually you will not have enough painting jobs! WE STOP The Feast Or Famine In Painting!

You have lots of options available at an even wider variety of price points. For your online marketing, you need to take your website, social media management, pay per click services, online review management, email marketing, and local business optimization services. Offline - there are even more options like direct mail / print marketing, home show appearances, yard signs, etc. Your competition is always growing their own marketing presence. While you sleep, others are going after your customers. don't go it alone...let us help build a Painter Marketing Machine for you!

End The "Feast Or Famine" In Painting Once And For All.

A steadier reliable income comes from business branding, smart advertising and marketing, web development and more. Always while meeting your objectives, schedule, and budget.

We're here, we're experiened and ready to be your "On Call Marketing Dept."

Our teams of ranking experts and content writers have extensive experience crafting strategies for painters and writing Google friendly content for painting websites.

We have served clients in all corners of the world so we understand the needs and search habits of people searching for painters can vary by region. Most ranking services have a simple template approach for painting companies, we're different.

We starts every new client engagement with an in-depth review of your company so we fully understand your priorities, services, and your goals. We then combine this with our experience and industry-leading database of painting website data and craft an effective, custom Google ranking strategy for your company.